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Shredded paper bedding: 

  • The same insulation qualities as straw or wood shavings
  • Dust extracted, great for animals with allergies 
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to work with
  • Absorbent
  • 100% recycled paper 
  • Biodegradeable 

Shredded Paper Bedding

    • Shredded paper is becoming more popular as it is one of the cheapest options for animal substrate but has many of the same properties of other bedding options.
    • Our shredded paper has very little dust but in the shredding process we also remove any further dust particles that have been created making it perfect for animals with sensitivities.
    • It can also be beneficial when treating horses with respiratory problems such as inflammatory airway disease in younger horses, recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), also known as Equine Asthma or ‘heaves’ in older horses, and horse coughing.
    • Shredded paper is ideal for dog bedding as it is very soft, provides excellent cushioning and has fantastic insulating properties thus, encouraging dogs to rest.
    • Paper is odour free with great absorbency properties and as it is biodegradable it makes an ideal compost.
    • As shredded paper is virtually dust free it provides a seed and spore free environment and can be used for all types of animals including horses, dogs, pigs, cattle and all domestic pets.
    • Shredded paper has the same insulating properties as straw or shavings and provides and very warm bed in winter.
    • Our shredded paper bales are easy to store, and our product is light to work with.

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